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About AAAKServices


We are an independent Australian-based company operating from offices in Adelaide. We are insolvency and turnaround teams that support assisting the businesses of our clients offering cutting-edge facilities in the fields of Business Management, Accounting, and Information Technology around the world. AAAK services give you access and tried-and-true solutions that will improve your business. We also think diversity helps us stay creative, experienced, and balanced in our thinking.


We are committed to providing superior service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and client honesty.


Our goal is to develop lasting bonds with our clients that cut through. We aim to develop a relationship with you that goes beyond; we want to understand your aspirations, your business dynamics, and what will take your business to the skies.

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Director’s Profile

As the company's CEO and founder, Mr. Khurrum is in charge of AAAK services. He graduated from the University of South Australia with a degree in accounting and finance.

He started his career as an accountant at a reputable business management company and had hands-on experience in the accounting and auditing fields. He has a business certification and has worked extensively in the RTO sector, honing his interpersonal communication skills.

He worked for Tax Store Mawson Lakes as a tax accountant. He is one of the most skilled individuals in accounting and taxation, he assists businesses and entrepreneurs with their demands. He has more than three years of experience managing a diverse portfolio.

After winning his spurs in the corporate sector, he is on a mission to provide state-of-the-art facilities globally in the areas of business management, accounting, and information technology with a clear vision of “providing superior service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and client honesty”.

His proven leadership abilities and wide-ranging industry knowledge are helping AAAK Services grow into Australia's leading consulting firm.

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Our team is comprised of highly qualified experts with knowledge in many Business and Technology fields. In order to deliver world-class service, we hire the greatest technicians, follow tried-and-true procedures, excel at customer care, and work as true partners in every project.

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